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  • Post published:05/23/2011
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Earth Oven at Katywil

There isn’t much to report about progress in the garden. This report is full of  rain, showers, downpour, drizzle, rain, spitz and fog.   Fortunately a showery day did not deter the Yestermorrow crew who came to Katywil to hold an Earth Oven Building workshop.  The stone foundation had been completed two weeks ago and Saturday was going to see building of a wood fired oven. The workshop participants had to get deep into the mud (earth) and muddy straw so a little water from the heavens was not a problem. I will have more about this project soon.

Pollen cloud

While I was watching the oven construction a great cry went out. “Look!”  And then we were all looking down and across the hills a a great wind blew up and sent clouds of green pollen across the valley. None of us had seen anything like it.  No wonder allergy sufferers are having such a bad year.

Yesterday was the first day in two weeks that we could do anything substantial out in the garden. The grass was still damp, but Henry mowed. Now I have to rake.  I will not put these clippings in the compost, because my pile never gets hot enough to kill all the dandelion seeds. So I guess this chore isn’t quite done.

My to-do list included pruning the roses and weeding along the Shed Bed, Rose Walk and the Rose Bank.  I collected two wheelbarrows full of prunings and weedings, but I think there is more to do. I don’t like to rush into pruning winterkill, in case a branch is just a lazy leaf and still alive. I can’t cross this off my list yet either.

However, before the bugs drove me inside to get busy roasting a chicken, and getting some blueberry muffins into the over,  I did do a bit of weeding in the front garden, and put in a second planting of spinach and Tango lettuce.  It is not often I get such a good photo of a completed job.  Actually, its not often I actually complete a job to photo-worthiness.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    It will be interesting to see the earth oven when finished. Aren’t the bugs horrendous this year?? They are here. UGH… Very difficult to stay outside long enough to get anything done.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – The bugs are fierce. My eyes are surrounded by bites.

  3. Well done, Pat. We’ve been suffering from the same drippy spring. It makes it harder to do all that needs to be done. And it can be so dreary! Enjoying a bit of sun this weekend.

    I find that adding layers of grass clippings to a compost heap actually heats it up. As I don’t have much grass myself, I’ve been known to steal others’ clippings from the curb. Now that we have the pesticide and herbicide ban in Ontario, the clippings aren’t as toxic as they might have been before. Mind you, they might have more dandelion seeds, too.

    Happy gardening!

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