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  • Post published:10/26/2010
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'The Fairy' polyantha

Late June is rose season, but a few roses refuse to give up. ‘The Fairy’ is a familiar stalwart from June through October. That is five months of bloom high on our windy hill.

Pink Grootendorst

Pink Grootendorst, an old rugosa, is almost as dependable. This bush has several little sprays of blossom.  I love the frilly, pinked edged flowers.

Double Red Knockout

The new family of Knockout roses are proving to be equally hardy and determined. Notice the two buds at the ready. I have three Double Red Knockouts on the Rose Bank which I started the spring of 2009.  The roses on the Bank seem to be doing very well.

A couple of months ago I had trouble with my computer and managed to erase my Virtual Rose Viewing. I have not completely reinstated that Page, but for more views of my hardy roses click here.  Or if you want to see how things were shaping up just before the real Rose Viewing, click here.

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  1. I’m so sorry you lost your virtual rose viewing page. Dang it. As for ‘The Fairy’, you know I love her too. What a great rose. She blooms here all summer and fall.~~Dee

  2. Gail

    I have ‘Lovely Fairy’ and think it an outstanding poly rose. I sheared it to the ground after it was eaten by something! It’s blooming again! gail

  3. Kate

    Oh, I love that color. I’m always on the prowl for long blooming roses. Thx for the hot tip. 🙂

  4. Rose

    As much as I love hybrid tea roses, I prefer these hardy varieties for their ease of care. And you have to love those long blooms! My Knockouts are blooming like crazy right now, too.

  5. Jean

    You know, I always liked ‘The Fairy’ but then I tried to grow it. It mostly sent out very long canes with very few flowers. I wonder what it was about its conditions that it didn’t bloom?? Last week I ripped it out literally (while it was ripping my flesh) and transplanted it to another spot. It’s not real happy but I bet it recovers.

    btw, my brother sent me a photo of a baby alligator they found in their neighborhood in Sienna Plantation. Wonder if your daughter heard about it?

  6. Pat

    Dee – The Fairy is a great bloomer, no question.
    Gail – I’ve seen Lovely Fairy and she is beautiful too.
    Kate – Obviously I love pink. This is a great rose.
    Rose – It’s a good thing I don’t care much for hybrid teas because I could never grow them in Heath.
    Jean – Do you think you got a mismarked rose? That can happen. I’ll be eager to see what happens. I called my daughter after reading your comment and she didn’t know what you were talking about. After much discussion she said there are areas of Sienna Plantation that always! have alligators and so it is nothing remarkable to tell me. She says it is irritating when one falls into a swimming pool, though.

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