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The Roses of October

The Fairy

Prairie Harvest

Double Red Knockout

Pink Grootendorst

Meideland landscape roses

Thomas Affleck

6 comments to The Roses of October

  • Lisa at Greenbow

    Your roses are gorgeous. Even my carpet rose has thrown up one last rose to the autumnal gods. It is a deep fuschia almost red color instead of the light pink. This must be because of the dry conditions.

  • Even after a severe haircut Fairy Queen has budded and bloomed~Some roses are incredible! I love Pink Grootendorst~gail

  • The Prairie Harvest is a gorgeous rose! I’m fascinated by the softer colors that appear to be merging into white: I don’t mean “pastels” but the nearly translucent shades that seem to have just the perfect wash of color – it’s not even a tinge but a sheer veil of color. Or maybe it’s that I adore anything that hints of lemon sorbet? Not to diminish the visual beauty of your red and pink roses, but that perfect pale yellow blossom immediately drew my eye. And in October – so there’s hope!

  • Pat

    Gail – The Fairy and Pink Grootendorst have proved themselves real troopers.
    Flaneur – Prairie Harvest was planted this spring. She is supposed to be a little more colorful, but lemon sorbet is an apt description. We’ll see what she does next year.

  • Don’t you love the last roses of the season? It is almost as if they are reminding you that they will be back next season in force.

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