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Hawkeye Belle

August is not rose season for me, but since it is Three for Thursday I thought I would report progress on The Rose Bank.  When we had work done on our house foundation that end of the house had to be regraded, and my thought was to eliminate lawn mowing on that slope I could cover it with roses.  The blackberry thicket that had been growing there has been more persistent than I expected, but I have been fairly successful in keeping them cut back as I encouraged the roses.

I planted Hawkeye Belle this spring and she is doing beautifully.  She was very happy for all the rain we have had for the past few days. This rose is one of the hardy, disease resistant roses hybridized by Griffith Buck of the State University of Iowa. A good repeat bloomer which is rare among my roses.

Pink Grootendorst rugosa

Pink Grootendorst went in last spring. I thought rugosas would be a good bet for helping to cover this slope. This rugosa has wonderful little dianthus-like blossoms with pinked edges.  The rain has beaten down the roses – but after more than three days of rain everything in the garden is beaten down.  Even the weedy asters have been happy for a drink.

Double Red Knockout rose

For some reason my camera doesn’t like red roses very much, but I am among those who applaud the Knockouts. This rose is a lush red. I first saw it down in Houston when we visited daughter Kate and her family a couple of years ago. While I loved the idea of an everblooming red rose I feared it would not be hardy here. On the bank this rose is somewhat sheltered from the worst of the winter winds and it is doing better than the red Knockout on the Rose Walk which is more exposed. Perhaps that is one reason it is thriving.

To see what other trios are thriving this August Thursday visit Cindy at My Corner of Katy. Thank you Cindy!

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  1. Cindy, MCOK

    Pat, I’m so glad you joined me in posting Three for Thursday. The roses are all lovely but that Hawkeye Belle makes me sigh longingly! I’ve not tried growing any Buck roses … maybe I should!

  2. Pat

    Cindy – Hawkeye Belle is so beautiful in form and color. I love Griffith Buck!

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