Sun and Blooms

After a full week of rain and weather so cold we had a fire in the woodstove every day, the sun is shining. You can see the big rose bushes are weighed down with rain. I can hardly tell where Rachel’s rose, Celestial and Ispahan begin and end.

Rachel's Rose

However burdened they are, rain soaked roses are very beautiful. I have written about Rachel’s rose before. Click here for her full history.

Pink Grootendorst

I planted Pink Grootendorst on the new Rose Bank last spring and she is doing very well. Lots of buds.  She is a rugosa and should grow to a good size. I love the little carnation-like pinked petals.

Mount Blanc

Pink Grootendorst has little very frilly petals; Mount Blanc has large and more elegant petals. I love this rugosa which is so big and hardy. Fragrant too.

Mock Orange

It is because of fragrance that I planted this Mock Orange right at the corner of the Cottage Ornee where we can enjoy it inside, as well as outside. It is now a substantial bush, more than six feet tall, and just loaded with fragrant flowers.


Many of the peonies are fragrant as well. Because the Annual Rose Viewing is always the last Sunday in June I have many late varieties so that there will still be peonies as well as roses on that day. They are such showy flowers. Most of them are shades of pink or white, but I have a couple of deep red ones, and this spring I planted Coral Charm.  Ten peonies of the 30 or so are in bloom right now. I think I will have to wait another year for Coral Charm.

Green Lotus

Green Lotus is the one ‘odd’ peony in my Peony Hedge, but I just love it.  I showed Summer Carnival in Kathy Puckett’s garden and I am going to try and get one this fall. It has a similar flower form, but in pink and white stripes. You knew I wouldn’t be able to resist pink and white stripes, didn’t you?

This is a summer blooming azalea that is planted in the Lawn Bed. It is three years old now and has not grown very much so far, but it certainly does know how to bloom.

Of course there are many other flowers in bloom right now including daisies and buttercups in the field, but here is a list: AdditionalRoses – Queen of Denmark, Scabrosa, Mabel, Double Red Knockout, Hawkeye Belle, Buckland Rose, Mrs. Doreen Pike, Darts Dash, Leda, John Cabot, Belle Poitvine, Apart, Alba Semi-Plena, Rugosa alba, Rosa glauca, de la Grifferai, Ghislane de Feligonde, Harrison’s Yellow and the  mystery rose.  The rose I have been calling the Apothecary rose is also blooming and running out into the field, but I no longer think I have the correct identification.

The white, and the purple Siberian irises are still blooming, but are almost done. Joan Elliot campanula, salvias, dianthus and pink coral bells are also blooming. Often amid the weeds. Weeding is on the schedule today.

Carol, thank you so much for hosting this wonderful Bloom Day. I love seeing what else is blooming across the country.

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  1. Rose

    You have so many lovely roses, Pat! Rachel’s Rose is a beauty. We’ve had so much rain, too, but not the cold with it; the weeds in my garden are growing as fast as anything else.

  2. How on earth did you manage to get the mock orange to bloom like that!? I’ve never had any luck with them. Love all your roses and peonies – wish mine were still going strong like yours – beautiful.

  3. Pat

    Rose – Rachel was a beautiful good woman – and so is her rose.
    Monica – I never had luck with Mock orange until my friend with the greenest fingers in the world gave me a root from her bush.

  4. All this rain stinks for us, but the plants are loving it. Your Roses look amazing. I can just imagine how good your garden smells, with the Roses, mockorange and Peonies.

  5. Pat

    MMD – The air is sweet with fragrance and the rain probably helps. Roses do love water.

  6. Lisa at Greenbow

    I really like your Green Lotus peony. All looks so fresh and springy.

  7. Kate

    Your pretty flowers seem to have handled the wild weather in style. We’ve got some nutty weather patterns out here, as well. I’m relieved that the flowers don’t seem to mind. 🙂

  8. Pat

    Lisa – The Green Lotus peony is definitely a favorite of mine.
    Kate – The flowers don’t mind at all. We are fortunate that the rains all week have been gentle – but constant. More to come I am told.

  9. Carol

    Beautiful blooms Pat! Your roses are gorgeous and so luxurious! Lovely all wet too. Your Mock orange does seem to be the more old fashion kind. I answered you over at my blog. It is a wower! ;>)

  10. LostRoses

    Your roses are a wonder, so many varieties. I’m always impressed when someone can remember most of their names!

  11. Pat

    Lost Roses – Thanks for visiting. My record book is not totally complete – but I am trying. Of course, some roses, given from others’ gardens arrive nameless.

  12. Linda

    Hi, came across this post when looking for summer blooming azaleas. Can you tell me which variety that is and whether it might thrive in zone 3/4? Thank you!

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