A Paradise Garden in Turners Falls

  • Post published:06/20/2014
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Paradise garden
The paradise garden in Turners Falls

Ed McAvoy (88) and Lynn Hoffman (‘nearly 90’) are peeking into their paradise garden in Turners Falls. When Lynn and Ed built their little suite in the house belonging to Ed’s daughter, they knew they had to have a garden. When I saw it I was reminded that the word paradise originally came from the old Persian word for a walled compound. This small walled garden shows that paradise can exist at any size. There is room for sociability and a meal of sweets.

Honeysuckle and grapvines
Honeysuckle and grape vines

Surely honeysuckle and grapevines must live in any paradise garden. (These photos were taken a week ago, when the garden was still  filling out.)

'Benjamin Britten' rose
‘Benjamin Britten’ rose

Lynn demanded this ‘Benjamin Britten’ rose, a David Austin hybrid for her paradise.

Another rose
Another rose

And another rose added to the paradisical details.  In a small garden the details count  for a lot, Each plant chosen will bring color and form that will give pleasure all season.

'Alabama Crimson' Honeysuckle
‘Alabama Crimson’ Honeysuckle

The Alabama Crimson’ honeysuckle will add fragrance as well as color, form, – and exuberance.


And this exotic hibiscus will shine in the garden all season long.

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  1. Sally

    Lovely! It’s great that they still have an interest in gardening…..it will keep them young at heart!

  2. Lynn Hoffman and Ed McAvoy

    We are thrilled to see our “paradise in Provence” so lovingly re-visioned. You are a wonderful PATron! Love from Lynn and Ed, your elderly lovers,

  3. Marianne Simon

    That’s just beautiful! A work of art, and it must smell wonderful.

  4. Pat

    Sally – Gardening keeps us all young.
    Lynn – You named paradise and you certainly know how to enjoy it.
    Marianne – That garden is a beauty.

  5. Diane McAvoy

    Thank you Pat, for so lovingly capturing their Paradise.

  6. Pat

    Diane – It was such a pleasure to spend time in their company, and in paradise.

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