This Rose is Eating My Rose Walk

  • Post published:06/24/2009
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My friend BJ asked me how the roses were doing when she visited this afternoon. And I said, “I’ll show you!” and shoved her across the lawn. “This is what one rose is doing, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Of course, I’ll have to wait until after the Rose Viewing. Maybe someone will know who this imposter rose is. Do you?

If you want the story about making this, my first  video, you’ll have to go to BJ’s blog, Fiftyshift.

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  1. June

    Wow, too much of a good thing! LOVE the video. Hope to see more — and learn more from you! Thanks for stopping by over my way, and enjoy the shards of sunshine when they come…

  2. admin

    June, The so-called Trigintipetala is not only devouring the rose in the Walk, they are running out into the field to battle it out with the tansy and mint. Who will win?

  3. margaret

    Definitely not Trigintepetala, which I’ve grown for years–the flower is many-petaled and not single. Lovely roses, even the rampant one! Good luck with identifying it.

  4. Frances

    Hi Pat, how funny. Well it is quite pretty at least. I don’t know the name, but we used to have a rambler, Alberic Barbier, that we nicknamed Killer. It tried to eat our house, including the top of the roof! So beware some of these beauties. The Antique Rose Emporium used to have two classifications of climbers: you control the rose, or the rose controls you. Sounds like your imposter belongs to the latter group.

  5. admin

    Margaret – The real Trigintepetala is very pretty. Probably why I ordered it – and I did just come across the order so this rose is mis-marked, or misidentified at the nursery.
    Frances – I became acquainted with The Antique Rose Emporium when I visited my daughter in Texas and bought their roses last year, and this year. I’m glad you enjoyed the video.

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