The Garden is Now Closed

  • Post published:07/01/2008
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That’s me in the blue dress, chatting with visitors to The Annual Rose Viewing. The weather reports were threatening, but so far our luck has held and it has never rained on the Rose Viewing. In fact, there was so much sun that my husband was busy handing round extra garden hats and parasols, but as the afternoon progressed it became less humid and one of Heath’s lovely zephyrs began to whisper across the hill.

Even so, some visitors were happy to sit in the Cottage Ornee, drink punch, eat cookies and strawberries and visit and chat. The perfume of the roses wafted into the Cottage, but there were lots of stories about bears! They are not unheard of in these environs, even though most of us have sworn off feeding the birds in the good weather. It seems prudent to wait until hibernation season.

Other visitors continued their perambulations.

Past Alba Semi-Plena,

and Celestial,

and the Queen of Denmark (Konegin de Danemark), and all the other roses that were still putting in an appearance.

The garden is not really closed, but the Annual Rose Viewing has come and gone, the applause has died down and other summer celebrations will be more modest. But the garden, with or without roses will continue to give the Commonweeder and her husband great pleasure.

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  1. Emily N

    Wish I had been there! Hot and sticky in the city and the rain knocked all the petals off my building’s rose bush. Next year…

  2. beckie

    How lovely your roses are. I am glad the rose viewing went well and the rain held off. I am sure your garden brings you both a great deal of pleasure. How nice you have it to share.

  3. Pat Leuchtman

    Emily and Beckie,

    Thanks for joining the virtual Rose Viewing. We love inviting people into the garden – and we always promise to have fewer weeds. Next year . . .

  4. GardenAuthor

    Thanks for a most enjoyable Rose Viewing… one can almost smell the rose-scented breezes.

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