Annual Rose Viewing a Success

  • Post published:06/27/2012
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The Rose Walk on June 24 7 am

The Annual Rose Viewing was a success! The weather was perfect. The roses were in uproarious bloom. The guests were entranced.

Viewers of the roses - courtesy of Adrienne Cremins

I got to speak to many of the guests, and then they got to wander down the Rose Walk by themselves. All the roses are labelled. The air was filled with fragrance. Adrienne, an old friend, took this great photo.

Rachel's Rose

I think Rachel was possibly the biggest attraction this year, blooming  at the top of the Rose Walk where she was moved after we had to remove her from the spot where the Cottage Ornee foundation border was placed. Then, magically she reappeared because a root had been left behind. She is the grande dame of the garden – twice over.


Rachel was tangled in Ispahan that was so laden with such long canes of roses than it totally hid Sitka, a rugosa I planted last year.

Book Signing! courtesy of Lilin Tseng

I did sell a few copies of The Roses at the End of the Road. I was especially happy to sign a copy for my Bridge of Flowers Committee colleague Lynda Leitner who has been such a good friend to me while we organized the annual Plant Sale. Actually she is a good friend on many counts. Lilin, a anew friend, too this photo of me with Lynda who is dreaming about the roses in her own garden.

de la Grifferai

Some of the roses are beginning to fade, but they are beautiful at every stage.

Now I have to start paying attention to the vegetable garden. The weeds are thriving and the rabbits haven’t eaten everything. AND our cat Frank just caught a rabbit. Maybe he is finally understanding that cats and rabbits are mortal enemies. My grandsons told me that.

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  1. Kate Lawn

    It is such a beautiful event! I am glad the weather came through for you … again!

  2. Pat

    Kate – You know we can always count on the Rose Viewing sunshine.
    Diane – Pure pleasure is the term I would use.

  3. Mark and Gaz

    Rachels rose is lovely (well in fact they all are!)

  4. Pat

    Cindy – I wish you could get more than a virtual look at the roses.
    Mark and Gaz – Rachel is lovely – and tough.

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