Attend to the Wisdom of the Young as 2014 Begins

  • Post published:01/06/2014
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Bella’s Plan

We all need to pay attention to the wisdom of the young. My husband was telling our visiting great-grandaughter Bella (age 7 1/4) that while Granny didn’t make New Year’s Resolutions, she did try to do a little bit of everything that she wanted to enjoy on New Year’s Day.

On New Year’s Day Bella went to Eastern Heath to spend the afternoon with her good friend Hazel. They both returned to our house for supper. There was time for dragging out the dress up box, reading, and art work. Hazel was in a representational mode, but I thought Bella was working in a more abstract vein. However, it turned out she was making out a list of what she planned to do in 2014.  First came Cook, then Bake, Read, Write, Color, Do Workbooks, Have a workout and run, Go ice-skating, Have Playdates, Relax, Make disigns for my room and my friends, Share with Lola (her younger sister), Sing, Dance, Eat and drink a lot to stay hidrated.

That could be a good start on a working list for many of us. In fact, during her visit, we did cook (saumon en papillote), bake cookies, read (a lot), sing (operatically), dance and have a playdate – with Hazel. A good start on the year.  I hope I will do as well.

Hazel and Bella dancing and singing

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Don’t you love that enthusiasm for life!

  2. PlantPostings

    Very impressive! The title of your post is most appropriate, and the young ones are truly inspirational! (I like the diagram, too.)

  3. Pat

    Lisa – Enthusiasm for life in general, cooking and books in particular. I loved the ‘sing and dance.’
    PlantPostings – The young ladies are definitely inspiring.

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