Christmas Trees – of a sort

  • Post published:12/28/2009
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When we woke early on Christmas morning we immediately lit our Christmas tree, but we also admired the majestic yellow birch out in our field. This is the most notable tree in our landscape; it still shows the damage wrought by last year’s historic December ice storm.

It would be pressing a point to say that I did any gardening over the holiday weekend, but I did devote some time, energy and nerves to prepare another type of Christmas tree . . .

I began with a genoise jelly roll. It turned out beautifully, if I do say so.

Then I dusted  the jelly roll with confectioners sugar and rolled it up with waxed paper – while it was still warm. I got that tip from Martha Stewart last week.  While it cooled I made some chocolate butter cream and prepared three meringue mushrooms. The mushrooms were made in two pieces. The cap and stems were attached with the help of a little butter cream.  Making the butter cream look like tree bark is fun.

The finishing touch with spun sugar cobwebs. Caramelizing sugar so that it can be ‘spun’ isn’t hard, but you have to keep a close watch on that very hot sugar.

The Christmas log is all done!  Christmas with three trees – one in the field, one laden with lights and ornaments, and one on the table. We are still celebrating.

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  1. Beth Ann Daye

    How beautiful and how delicious. Happy All Holidays!

  2. Rose

    Yummmm! This looks delicious! The meringue mushrooms and spun sugar really add the finishing touches.

  3. Oh, delicious! Confession: I have never made a jelly roll cake, chicken that I am. My best friend’s mother always made this at Christmas, and seeing yours reminded me I must call them tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. admin

    Beth Ann – I’m about to finish off the final piece – and I have leftover meringue and left over butter cream to make to make crunchy ‘cookies’.
    Rose – I loved making those decorations and it wasn’t really hard.
    Jodi – The best thing to remember is to roll up the cake when letting it cool. It retains ‘muscle memory’ and then rolls without cracking or breaking after it is frosted or filled.

  5. Tinky

    I’ve always wanted to make a Yule log! You inspire me to try … next year!

  6. Lisa at Greenbow

    Oh my, that is one yule log I could get into. Yummm You are so talented.

  7. Helene Powers

    Looks tantalizing and delicious, Pat. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

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