Rose Season on the Bridge of Flowers

  • Post published:06/16/2010
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When I crossed the Bridge of Flowers the other day I was surprised by the number of roses – now in glorious bloom. I did not remember there were so many.  There are pink roses . . .

and red roses . . .

and pale pink roses . . .

and yellow roses.  There are many shades of pink and red roses, and white roses and  . . .

peachy apricot roses, a particular favorite color of mine.  Unfortunately, I do not have the names of these roses and I am going to have to search for the name labels. Most of the plants on the Bridge are labeled, but the growth is so lush right now that I couldn’t find them. I will go back.

Of course there are many more flowers than just roses. Pink poppies . . .

and pink astilbe. I think this is ‘Rhineland.’  Spring certainly is a pink season – or maybe pink  is what I particularly notice. I don’t trust myself.  The Bridge does have yellow daisies, and purple foxgloves and iris and many more flowers including . .

the flowers of our heart – children.  The kindergarten class was visiting the Bridge to learn a little about plants and to decide where to plant some coleus. They were told coleus like shade, and given a plant to put in a pretty spot.

This boy and girl were very happy with their choices, and one little girl is still fine tuning the location for her plant. I didn’t even see her there when I took the photo. The Bridge is a joy for the whole community. If you go to the Bridge of Flowers website you will find out how you can become a Friend of the Bridge. We all need friends in this life.

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  1. Carol

    Thanks for this beautiful post Pat! I need to get over to the Falls soon. Gorgeous blooms and those children are darling. I never knew that children helped in the plantings there. ;>)

  2. Pat

    Carol – Yes, there are a couple of programs involving children. After the kindergarteners came fifth graders arrived to plant some annuals. We like to get everyone gardening and learning to love and care for flowers.

  3. Julia

    I’ve not seen astilabe for ages!! Love that plant. And the poppies are wonderful too! Nice pics!!

  4. Pat

    Julia – Thanks for the kind words. As for the flowers on the Bridge they are all in such beautiful condition. We owe a lot to Carol Delorenzo, our head gardener and all the volunteers.

  5. Carol

    Hi, Thanks for sharing your pictures of the roses! I’ve never visited “The Bridge of Flowers”, although I have heard of it! Now that I know that Roses are included in the plantings, I will go for sure! I will take lots of photos and include them here:

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