Really Red Rootstock

  • Post published:06/18/2010
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We all know that many roses, as well as other plants like dwarf fruit trees, are often grafted onto sturdier rootstocks. It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes that sturdy rootstock decides to take on a life of its own again.  The deep red roses here are from the rootstock grafted onto my alba rose, Passionate Nymph’s Thigh. The passionate nymph’s roses are a delicate flesh pink – as appropriate for a Maiden’s Blush, as for a rowdier sister, but the rootstock hints at darker doings.  This particular rose bush sends up rootstock shoots every other year or so.  I cut it back as soon as it identifies itself, but I left this a little longer so I could get a good photo.  Some nurseries will note that their roses are Own Root, which means this would not happen.

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