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Rose of the Day – Rosa setigera

Rosa setigera

Rosa setigera

Rosa setigera, sometimes known as the climbing prairie rose, is a native American rose, and while it is a climber it merely arches gracefully in my climate. It blooms later than the other roses and is a particular pleasure. I bought it at Nasami Farm the propagation arm of the New England Wildflower Society.

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6 comments to Rose of the Day – Rosa setigera

  • It is a lovely Rose – I like ones that fade gracefully.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog – the picture did not show the fact that the Catnip plant grows through the mesh of an upturned hanging basket! Before I discovered this trick I lost every plant to the cats.

  • That’s a beautiful rose…not seen that before. The fact it’s Native American makes it all the more unique and desirable. Don’t think I’d find this growing on the walls of UK gardens :(.

  • Pat

    Easy Gardener – Hmmmm. upturned handing basket. What a great idea. Thanks.
    Gardening Blogger – I love David Austin’s roses, but most of them are not hardy on my hill. Mary Rose struggles along.

  • Nan

    It looks a bit like the William Baffin, the ONLY rose I know the name of (except for rosa rugosa if that counts). :<)

  • I planted this rose – also called Illinois rose – two years ago and it bloomed for the first time this summer. I have it in a southwest facing corner and I am really looking forward to watching it grow into a rose monster. It’s already about 10′ but needs to put on bulk.

  • Pat

    Nan – The photo may look William BAffinish, but the color and form are actually quite different.
    Jason – Ten feet! It must have a lot of bloom.!

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