Cherokee or Prairie Rose

  • Post published:07/20/2010
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Rosa setigera

Rosa setigera, otherwise known as the Cherokee rose or Prairie rose is the only climbing rose native to North America.  Its range is from Canada to Texas, as far west as Nebraska and Kansas.  I bought my plant at Nasami Farm in Whately last year. My rose collection was calling out for a native American rose.  I was told that although this is listed as a climber most people let it just grow into a mounded tangle.

R. setigera foliage

I didn’t really know what this rose would look like, but the foliage was quite different from the usual rose foliage.

R. setigera

This spring the rugosas started blooming in early June and the other varieties followed. We had a good show  for the Annual Rose Viewing the last Sunday in June. But no Cherokee rose.  I wondered if I had watered it enough; it is in quite a dry spot.  Then when I finally got my feet under me after my return from Buffalo, there it was, in full graceful bloom. The single blossoms in shades of pink are about two inches across on arching branches.  I don’t know if this late bloom date is typical, or another manifestation of all the odd weather this year.

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  1. Rose

    I had to stop by, Pat, because I thought you were writing about me:) Seriously, I’m not familiar with this rose at all, but judging by the number of blooms already, this one is going to be quite a hardy bloomer. Are you planning to let it climb over something or just let it grow naturally?

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I started Rosa setigera from seed–didn’t realize it was native, but should have because it requires cold stratification! It was doing great, then all the leaves fell off. I have another, smaller one that still looks OK. Am looking forward to it getting bigger.

  3. Pat

    Rose – I could have been writing about you – and the post would have been just as beautiful. I’m glad you saw ‘your’ rose. I am going to let it mound.
    Monica – I am impressed with anyone who grows roses from seed.

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