Meadows – and Art – Are Where You Find Them

  • Post published:07/27/2012
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The beginning of the Asphalt Meadow at Mass MoCA

During our trip to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art I found a new way of looking at meadows and art.

The Rounds at the Asphalt Meadow at Mass MoCA

The plan is to turn Mass MoCA’s rear access utility road into a green space  and a work of art. The Rounds are created by using rammed earth and dry-stacked stone. The Rounds provide places to sit and visit and picnic in the midst of wildflower gardens.

A Round filled with thyme

Thyme is a another featured plant in this meadow. I wish I had a space filled with time.

Swings in the Asphalt Meadow

Mass MoCA likes kinetic art. We like to have fun on the swings. This is a great section of the Asphalt Meadow. There was also the fantasie merry-go-round from a group of artists in Quebec city — it’s made of crowd-control barriers, possibly alluding to the border between our countries:

Asphalt Meadow

That stone wall, part of an old building foundation was not thought of as a work of art when it functioned, but now many of us will agree that it is indeed magnificent. We were sorry to bring our visit to Mass MoCA to a close. We always enjoy our excursions to the weird and wonderful exhibits at this gem in our neighborhood.


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