More Wonders at Mass MoCA on Wordless Wednesday

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God's Eyes

I did not notice these wonders at Mass MoCA until about the fourth time through All Utopia’s Fell by Michael Oatman. This exhibit is an Airstream trailer rigged up like a space capsule that has crashlanded and is hung up in the air on an old factory building, crammed with all the equipment for necessary for spacemen to live and work. Finally I noticed that  this craft has God’s eyes everywhere.

God's eyes
God's eyes
God's eyes
God's eyes
Short wave radio and star charts

Was Michael Oatman suggesting that God’s eyes were on these space travelers as they voyaged among the galaxies?

Diane Landry's Knight of Infinite Resignation

Diane Landry‘s dark room kinetic sculpture has nothing to do with All Utopias Fell, but we almost felt we had left Mass MoCa and were among the falling stars of the Perseids.

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  1. Sherry

    How interesting… lots to see in that RV. We used to make those when we were kids — way back before electronic entertainment took over the world.

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