It’s Summer – Viewing, Touring and Paddling

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Irises at Fox Brook Iris Farm

It’s summer and I’ve been out viewing plants and gardens and then relaxing at a local pond. Summer doesn’t get any more perfect than this.

Japanese Iris

I went to the Annual Japanese Iris Show in Shelburne Falls and got to see the best and most beautiful examples of Japanese Iris grown in the area. Japanese iris are the last iris to bloom in our area. After seeing this display of irises, I had to run over to Fox Brook Iris Farm and, of course, I came home with two generous clumps of a gorgeous white iris named Hakuroku-Ten. Right now it is planted in front of the house where I can keep it well watered. That’s what Japanese iris demand – good watering.

Hawley Garden Tour feature

Then, I visited two of the gardens that are on the Sons and Daughters of Hawley Annual Artisans and Garden Tour scheduled for July 14. The McCarthy garden has sun, shade, water, grasses, and delightful art objects like this beautiful birdhouse. This is a garden that has recovered amazingly from the disastrous storm Irene last August. Summer time in Hawley is full of delights.

Sea Foam roses

The Hoffman/Pope gardens have sun and shade, too. More roses than I remembered.  Formal evergreen structures.

Heirloom tomato collection

And a beautiful vegetable garden. Where the hoe and the hose are in frequent use. This incredible plantation of heirloom tomatoes has inspired me to stop by their house often in August. They can’t possibly use all those tomatoes!

For more information about tickets and the tour call Rainey McCarthy 339-5347, Melanie Poudrier 337-4903, or Pam Shrimpton 339-4091. .


Henry paddling

We also spent Sunday afternoon with friends at a local pond, noshing, talking, paddling, talking, swimming, talking and more noshing. Shade and a breeze. Summer perfection.


After a weekend  like that we are glad to see the  sunset, close up the chickens, and settle down with the Sunday New York Times before trickling off to bed.

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