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Three Dreams for Thursday

Every year I add a few roses to my garden. The Rose Walk has expanded, the Shed Bed was added and now I have a Rose Bank. Many of the roses are shades of pink; Blanc Double de Coubert, Mount Blanc and Madame Plantier are white, but aside from the spiny Harrison’s Yellow, yellow roses have been missing. I am trying to add  that range of color this spring.

April Moon is a soft yellow Griffith Buck hybrid that is hardy to zone 4 and is  winter hardy in Iowa.  I am dreaming of this rose blooming on the Rose Bank in June.

Gentle Persuasion is another Griffith Buck hybrid. The Chamblee Roses listing describes this as a yellow/apricot blend and I think it will be a perfect companion for April Moon on the Rose Bank. This rose is even said to bloom again after the first flush in June.

Goldbusch is a Kordes hybrid that I have ordered from High Country Roses.  When I visited the New York Botanical Garden in the fall of 2009, I learned that the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden is the largest organic rose garden in the world. Part of the impetus  for organic management is New York’s outlawing of many of the poisons routinely used on roses. Kordes, the German hybridizer, saw the need for disease resistance many years ago and have produced many beautiful roses since then that will thrive with good organic management. Lots of compost!

I am dreaming of the day I can plant these new roses and add a new sunny note to the rose collection.

3 comments to Three Dreams for Thursday

  • Nan

    I love the color that is part yellow and part pink. It is just achingly beautiful to my eye. Lucky you to be able to grow them!

  • They’re all beautiful, Pat, but I especially love ‘Gentle Persuasion’. I’m always drawn to shades of apricot. These will be lovely additions to your rose gardens.

  • Hey! Great roses! thanks for your comment on my blog. Your daughter should check out she is a rose gardener and consulting rosarian in Dallas! Tell her the RedneckRosarian sent you! Love Chamblee’s roses! My “Buff Beauty” is from them..

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