Winter Sunset Correction on Wordless Wednesday

  • Post published:07/03/2013
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Folksinger, a Griffith Buck hybrid

Last week I mis-identified this rose as Winter Sunset. Winter Sunset and Folksinger are both Griffith Buck hardy rose hybrids.

Winter Sunset, a Griffith Buck hybrid

This image from the gardenweb forum shows that both roses have a similar form, but Winter Sunset has deeper color. I have both of these roses, but right now Winter Sunset is not doing well at all.

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  1. Pearl

    It was hard to find where to leave a comment.

    If regrets were useful things I’d cultivate one about not photographing all the roses I saw around England. “For all the roses in England” could replace the expression “for all the tea in China”

  2. Gunilla

    Gorgeous roses. I love the colour of the second one.

  3. Pat

    Pearl – England has a perfect rose climate. I’m trying to get good rose photos of all my 60+ roses for the Virtual Rose Viewing.
    Gunilla – I hope I get to see that fabulous color of Winter Sunset next year.

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