Passionate Nymph’s Thigh – Rose of the Day

  • Post published:06/28/2009
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Passionate Nymph’s Thigh has been delighting gardeners, and possibly lovers, ever since the 15th century. Possibly longer. The color made the French think of  a passionate nymph’s thigh and called it Cuisse de Nymphe, but the English found that excessive and vulgar. Maiden’s Blush was their reading.  This is a perfect alba rose, blushing pink, a delicious perfume and slightly blue grey leaves. She has amazing vigor and stamina, having survived under the roof line of our New England house where ice has crashed down on her for nearly 30 years .

She will be enjoyed at today’s Annual Rose Viewing, OR you can click on the Virtual Rose Viewing page.

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  1. eliz

    Gorgeous. Reminds me of my Blush Noisette, which isn’t nearly as hardy.

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