The Sun Shone on The Rose Viewing

  • Post published:06/29/2009
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There was so much sun at the Annual Rose Viewing that many Viewers were happy to come into the Cottage Ornee for lemonade, cookies and cool conversation.  Of course, at this point in the afternoon you will notice that the cookie plate is empty.  My daughter Diane who came to enjoy the roses was hard put to keep the punchbowl and cookie plate filled. Not to mention the strawberry bowl.  Fortunately, Cheryl, far right, brought one of her famous pound cakes. Delicious!


I think it was the busiest Rose Viewing we have ever had which was a surprise. The weather had been wet all week, making the mowing and weeding very difficult. It continued unpromising right up until 1 o’clock . We thought no one  except my daughter and granddaughters would come. There was a little spritz of rain to start us off, but then the sun came out and the traffic jams at the End of the Road began.

Friends, and neighbors from our Greenfield past, and neighbors we had never met,  joined us, but one of the great treats of the Rose Viewing is my opportunity to meet some of my readers, and to hear about their gardens.  I even got invitations to visit other gardens and Larraine Brennan’s daylily farm in Northfield. You’ll be hearing more about that.

We had some visitors from afar. Mary Essert from Arizona, who was visiting a friend nearby, brought me a special blessing – a marble beach stone streaked with green from the holy isle of Iona, off the coast of Scotland.  I am now committed to returning the stone to the beach. Henry and I are already planning our pilgrimmage there.

The sunshine was possibly the greatest topic of conversation. We were all so glad to see it, and think of the good it was doing all our gardens.  Our good friends, Christoper and Andrea, enjoyed strolling in the sun and showing off the new blossom on their family tree, young Ursula.  No blooming rose was more beautiful.

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  1. Tinky Weisblat

    I’m glad it was such a great day! I was stuck in traffic on I-95; thoughts of lovely roses helped me keep my cool. Next year we’ll do some recipes for you (think Cheryl would like to share the pound cake)?

    Yours in spirit……

  2. admin

    Tinky – I am working something out with Cheryl, even as I write, but I’m thinking you might prefer a whole interview. She says it is more about technique than ingredients.

  3. Greg

    Please bring another pebble back from Iona for Kate and I when you make your pilgrimage.

  4. admin

    Consider it done. Peter Beck already found a cottage on Iona (online) that is big enough for the whole family. It is outfitted with all kinds of electronics, and hispeed internet.

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