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Queen of the Prairie

The Queen of the Prairie looks more like the Queen of the River in this photo. She is attended by hundreds of handmaids and courtiers.

As a member of the Bridge of Flowers committee many people ask me about when it is open and when is the ‘best’ bloom time.  Those questions are easy to answer. The Bridge of Flowers is open every day, all day from April 1 to October 30. There is no ‘best’ season. The Bridge is in full and glorious bloom all year long. Of course, some people might prefer the earliest perennials and bulbs, while others prefer the late summer garden with dahlias and asters  and other fall bloomers – but it is always beautiful. And always FREE!  There is no charge – although you are invited to leave a donation. And please do sign the guest book.

I love rose season, which is long and beautiful on the Bridge of Flowers.

The path is universally accessible on both the Buckland and Shelburne sides of the Bridge.

A beautiful garden is about more than flowers. The Bridge of Flowers includes handsome shade and foliage plants like these ferns.

Mosaic by Cynthia Fisher

The Bridge of Flowers is immortalized in  this mosaic by local artist Cynthia Fisher who created eleven other mosaics honoring the other towns in our area.  This is one of the things I tell visitors about when they ask what else to see in town. The mosaics are mounted on the walls on town buildings on both sides of the Bridge.

Of course, there are also the Glacial Potholes, beautiful crafts made by the skilled and talented local artists and artisans, and good eats. You can even dine while overlooking the river and the Bridge.

How do you get to the Bridge?  Unfortunately GPS systems do not seem to have found the Bridge, but if you get to Bridge Street in Shelburne Falls, which is on the GPS, you will see the Bridge. You can’t miss it!



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  1. Rose

    What a beautiful place! The view of the river is magnificent, but the flowers make it doubly so.

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    I would love to stroll across the bridge and visit the shops in the towns. It is so beautiful in the photos you provide us with. Good job.

  3. Karen

    This garden is dear to my heart. I see it every Friday morning and when I get to the entrance and look down the path it has always changed since the previous week. In addition to being beautiful it is also educational. I have learned much about combining color and creating continuous bloom thanks to Carol the head gardener, who determines what will be planted and where.
    The mosaics are also great. Cynthia really made it a community effort by involving the school children and community members in designing and assembling them. You can pick up a map at the visitor center showing the location of all the mosaics.

  4. Chris Nicholson

    I just happened on this blog about the bridge of
    flowers when I was looking at September’s Bloom Days. We visited the bridge of flowers years ago
    on a trip through New England–20 years maybe.
    Carole Anderson Markle, a biology teacher at Earlham College, here in Richmond, IN, retired to
    your area and was involved with the bridge. That
    was a long time ago.

    Thanks for the memory

  5. Absolutely stunning! If I’m ever in the area, I’ll check it out!

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