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Its been a busy weekend with our Annual Family Meeting on Sunday. There was so much talk that I never even thought about the camera until we were half way home with a new pair of grandsons, Anthony and birthday boy Drew (13!) from Texas.

Pearl Fryar

Then, yesterday while ‘The Major’ organized the boys to set up the blueberry frame, mow the lawn, and relax in the Cottage Ornee, a friend and I drove over to The Mount, Edith Wharton’s home, in Lenox. It is always a pleasure to visit this beautiful house and restored gardens, but the draw this time was the appearance of Pearl Fryar, the man who sculpts trees. He gave a talk which was not only about how how he creates topiary, but about the advice he give to young people: “Success is work. . . . Use what you’ve got. . . what you were given . . . your talent . . . and contribute that to the community.” I wrote about Pearl earlier here.

A big crowd came to watch Pearl turn four trees into topiary over the course of the day. Those trees and many other items were to be auctioned off to raise money for scholarships.

Pearl did explain that working with a tree this size was different from working with a small tree and pruning it for five years, but he said he would do what he could.

He gave a lecture about using a good chain saw with reciprocating blades. And said that the blade had to be kept at an angle while he tried to make swirl.

Topiary finished

Ta-da!  All done in about 15 minutes.  You can see the beginning of the swirl reveals the multiple stems. This would not happen if he had started with a young tree.

Lilies at The Mount

Of course my friend Cheryl and I had to take a turn around the gardens.  Lots of bloom. Lily season is just starting.

The Secret Garden at the Mount

After touring the house and the wonderful exhibit about Wharton and WWI we cooled ourselves in the shady Secret Garden. And then it was off to our next stop, Chesterwood with its outdoor sculpture exhibit.

Bear Walking 2009 by Richard Rothschild

This sculpture of Walking Bear 2009 by Richard Rothschild was one of my favorites.

When I got home I did cook up a mess of pasta, peas and bacon, ‘The Best Meal Ever’ for the birthday boy.

We closed the evening with a few hands of Hearts, my new favorite game.  That’s Drew with an ace. Both boys are aces with me.


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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    What fun to have another set of Grands to entertain. You just had the best weekend it looks like to me.

  2. He is such an inspiration. I saw him on A Gardener’s Diary years ago. He projects his inner light for sure. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I wish I were there instead of in this heat.~~Dee

  3. Pat

    Lisa – A weekend to remember!
    Dee – I had seen the documentary A Man Named Pearl a few weeks ago and it was showing continuously on Saturday to give visitors who were unfamiliar with his work and his influence a better idea. It is an inspiration and it was great fun to sit in the shade and watch him at work with his chain saw.

  4. Carolflowerhill

    Dear Pat, Great post about two of my favorite places to visit out in the Berkshires. Pearl is indeed an inspiration.

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