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Happy eleventh!
Happy eleventh!

It began with a birthday celebration (slightly belated) and a game of Settlers of Catan (excellent), but as we often say here at the End of the Road ‘We are having fun, but we are on a tight schedule.”

And yet there are chores, or chores that are so unheard of in a Houston suburb, that they become entertainment.

Anthony and Drew got to  watching the goat milking, and then reward the goat with a stimulating brush off. They fed the goats and brought home some of Sheila’s goat cheese, too.

Other animals needed to be fed, too. Chickens and worms get hungry.

Does picking raspberries count as a chore – or entertainment.  Eating Raspberry-peach crisp is deliciously entertaining. To protect our blueberries the boys had to find a good support stick for the blueberry cage and the net is now in place. The blueberries will be ready to pick in another couple of weeks.

On Saturday the Major took the boys off for a day of touring and getting their Massachusetts State Park Passports stamped, first at the Mohawk Trail Park, near this section of the Deerfield River, then at The Discovery Center, and Mt. Sugarloaf.

Before coming home they stopped at the Tibetan stupa built on Rt. 5 and 10. They admired the lotus pond and the singing bowls in the shop selling Tibetan goods.  They didn’t buy a singing bowl (this time) but they did get prayer flags. We all need as many prayers as the wind can send.

While the boys were off touring, daughter Kate and I went off to Lorraine Brennan’s daylily sale and Kate bought me a whole bouquet of daylilies!  Then it was off to the Farmer’s Market for wonderful bread and vegetables for a local dinner with friends.

Before we left town we stopped at The Textile Company and after much discussion chose this botanical print for new curtains.  Upon reflections I have botanical or floral prints all over the house on sheets, curtains, tablecloths, sofa cushions, not to mentiona a dress or two.  How many do you have at your house?

In between rain showers and games of Settlers of Catan we had a few more chores. Anthony got to use the riding mower for the first time, Kate dug a slope for the bouquet of daylilies and Drew and I went to get more woodships.

And some time every day is spent in the majango tree. (That’s apple tree to the rest of us.)

Did I mention that we are all reading every day  too?  A perfect balance of activities.

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  1. Helene Powers

    Pat, I have so much fun reading of all your adventures with the grandchildren! I hope your posts are getting widespread coverage by parents and grandparents alike. There are so many wonderful ideas, and attitudes, for people to emulate!

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