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Shame and Glory

Regular visitors at May Dreams Gardens know that Carol is an afcianodo of hoes. Her October 7 post was her final Hoe-tober Fest for the year and she asked about the hoes other bloggers use.  I have two hoes that I use, very occasionally, and when I dug them out for this shameful photo it was clear that a trip to OESCO in Conway is in order. I need a sharpener. I can arrange a cleaning and oiling cloth right here at home.  I watched a tool sharpening demonstration at the Womens Club of Shelburne Falls Area annual spring plant sale and was inspired to think I could keep my tools in good condition. I thought about buying a sharpener then, but I bought more plants instead.  I think the time has come.

I must mention that, in light of the new FTC rules, I do not work for OESCO, and they did not pay me for these words. Indeed, I doubt they know about The Commonweeder, even though I have happily bought many excellent tools from them. And bird netting.  And gloves.

My glory is the golden spade that I used to break ground for the new Buckland Library addition recently. A child whispered to me that it was only painted gold.  I am dubious. The shovel was made in Ireland where they have all that leprechaun gold.

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