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I was at a dinner party recently and one of the guests confessed that she liked ‘toys.’  The toys we had been discussing were Kindles and iPads and who knows what all. They hold no fascination for me, but when I am at a nursery or garden center (or browsing a catalog) I confess I am tempted by all the tools and doodads that abound.

When I was at Nasami Farm this fall I saw this EcoSpout for only $2.50.  It is not often one sees a doodad for $2.50 so on that basis alone I had to have it.  In fact I have found it very useful.  There is a two sided  threaded doohickey that allows you to attach the spouts to a variety of containers. Gallon milk containers are my usual choice. Most watering cans for indoor plants are quite small and require several fillings, but my EcoSpout has turned my milk jug into a waterer that can handle all my  houseplants in one filling.

I have not been paid to say nice things about EcoSpout (nor anything else), and unfortunately I don’t even know where you can buy one, but keep your eyes open. It would make a nice stocking filler, too.

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  1. It is nice little piece of review for ecospout.I believe that you have not been paid to say that but whatever you said about it really promoted eco-spout very well.

  2. Russell Russell

    EcoSpout is ideal with the smaller milk jug & funnel indoors. I use the sprinkler on the patio plants.

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