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Meditation on the Morning Glory

This is the view out the window next to the breakfast table. From August into October and really killing frosts these Grandpa Ott morning glories prepare me for my day.

And what a way to start the day – with Glory! Surely the day will be filled with moments of beauty, of inspiration, of opportunity to spread a little glory.

Of course the sun does not illuminate and gild the glories every morning. Sometimes the light is dim, but the glories lift their faces in expectation. Other days they may bow their heads under the weight of heavy rain, but they bloom undaunted.

The morning glory is not an exotic or rare flower. It is hardy and possesses tenacious vines that carry those blossoms into the sun. I begin every day with glory.

1 comment to Meditation on the Morning Glory

  • I love your title, i have a plant used for meditation too, literally, LOL. But a blue morning glory is really lovely as most blue flowers are. However, it seems this color prefer the cooler climes, as we don’t have many blues here in the tropics.

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