Bridge of Flowers – End of Season

  • Post published:10/26/2011
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Buckland side entry to Bridge of Flowers

Chrysanthemums were planted in September. We want the Bridge to be full of bloom all season.

I am so happy to see roses still in bloom.

I am also happy to see a quiet river behind these dahlias.

The dahlias are important at this season.

But the weather has been so relatively mild that even the begonias are still blooming.

The gardens will be put to bed and the official garden season ends on Sunday, October 30.  Have a good winter. See you on April 1.


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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    My begonias are still blooming even though we have has some light frosts. I love this color too. Daliahs. I wish I could remember to plant them. They have such character and of course the color choices are great.

  2. Peter

    What is especially bracing and reassuring about this post is the recollection that two months ago we were watching the Deerfield River during Hurricane Irene and wondering whether the Bridge of Flowers would perish. Nature has a marvelous way of enduring and flourishing, and these pictures, albeit of plants which benefitted from the diligent ministrations of the Bridge of Flowers team, underscore Nature’s triumph. One can only take heart and look forward to spring. Bravo! Imagine what the Bridge of Flowers volunteers could have done for New Orleans?

  3. joey

    How lovely! Yes, winter will soon be here. I can hardly believe summer is over!

  4. Rose

    The Bridge of Flowers looks so lovely, even this late in the season. I’m sure your community appreciates all the hard work you and your fellow gardeners do to make this such a beautiful spot.

    We put our Master Gardeners’ display garden to bed last Saturday, even though there were still lots of blooms. It was hard for me to pull out anything still blooming, but the weather is turning, and I suppose none of us want to get out there when it’s 30 degrees:)

  5. Pat

    The Bridge had a wonderful year – in spite of the storms giving pleasure to so many people, local residents and those who came from around the world to enjoy the Bridge and the natural beauties of our region. It is hard to end the bloom, but snow is predicted!

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    Beautiful flowers.We don’t have these kind of flowers in our country.

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