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Autumnal Surprise!


This fall we have truly been having a ‘golden season.’ The weather has been relatively mild, if rainy, and the usual flame of the maples was muted.

But a golden glow shone on every sunny day. But today we got rain – and a surprise.


This photo was taken around 4 p.m on Thursday.

October 27 9 p.m.

October 27 10 p.m.

October 28 7:15 a.m.

October 28 7:30 am


4 comments to Autumnal Surprise!

  • I live in ski country. Here it is called white gold!

  • Woot! I hope it’s a NICE surprise for you. For me, I’m not quite ready for that! (Though I’d love the moisture!)

  • Pat

    Nell – here in New England we call snow ‘poor man’s fertilizer’ but I don’t know why. I didn’t expect to start fertilizing quite yet.
    Jean – It is a nice surprise in that when I get down to the lower elevations today I don’t expect snow – nor do I expect this snow to last more than a day. I hope.

  • Lisa at Greenbow

    Brrrr, the snow looks cold. There is a lot of snow popping up on the web. Winter is working its way in.

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