Surprising Blooms on a Gray Day

  • Post published:10/25/2012
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These surprising blooms are from Bluestone Perennials, one of a mum collection I bought a couple of years ago. The rabbits got to the planting of that collection and I rescued what was left and just stuck them anywhere in the garden and forgot about them. I hope I am not the only gardener in the world who sticks in anywhere and then forgets.

This spring I saw what looked like chrysanthemum foliage in an odd place, and with no recollection of what it might be I left it. The foliage got tangled in all the other surrounding plants and it did not begin to bloom until very recently when I began to cut down the surrounding plants. This is a pretty plant, and obviously hardy. I promise to find a better spot for it before I put the garden to bed.

Chrysanthemum koreanum ‘Sheffield’

I first saw this wonderful flower at the Smith College Botanic Garden. There was no label, but readers who saw the photo I took identified it as a ‘Sheffie.’  That fall I bought an unnamed mum at the Wilder Hill Garden and realized I now had my own ‘Sheffie.’ I had stuck it in a bare spot in the autumnal garden, but thought I put it in a better spot this spring. I was wrong. I am going to give a really good site some real thought. It is a good muliplier so I will think of two good spots.

Both mums are doing beautifully in my soil which I enrich with compost every time I plant. That is not too much of a surprise.

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  1. Rose

    What a lovely surprise! I’ve heard lots of good things about ‘Sheffies’–they really are lovely. As for planting things and then forgetting about them, I’m a star member of that club:) It does mean, though, that I’m often pleasantly surprised every gardening season.

  2. Pat

    Rose – I’m all in favor of surprises. Design will never be my forte.

  3. Layanee

    Those ‘Sheffies’ really deliver don’t they? Glad you have some surprises left in the garden.

  4. Pat

    Layanee – Those Sheffies are fabulous. The next surprise we are all waiting for is the Frankenstorm.

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