Frosty Morning – Sheffies Still Blooming

  • Post published:10/28/2013
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Sheffield daisies

We had our first real heavy frost, but the sheffies are undaunted.

Pink chrysanthemums

Neither are these pink mums. No real surprise – Sheffield daisies are just another mum. It is lovely to see them on this cold morning, with the sun beginning to shine brightly. I am thinking that it may be mild enough to work outside for a few more hours today. The garlic is planted, and many beds have been cleaned up – but not all.  There is still plenty to do.


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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    These Sheffies are blooming all over blogland. I have not seen them for sale around here. WHINE~~~

  2. Ramblingwoods

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am trying to ID insects in my yard to get over my fear of them. It is working. I will have to follow your blog as I am a novice gardener.. I should have started before my knees went… Lol.. Michelle

  3. Pat

    Lisa – I love the Sheffies – and so glad that a sister blogger IDd them for me.
    Rambling – I don’t mind most insects. At least they are easier to identify than birds. I wish I thought to pay attention to birds while my eyes still saw fast. Now they are as slow as the rest of me. lol.

  4. Tinky

    What’s the difference between a Michaelmas Daisy and a Sheffield? I always called these little ones Michaelmas–but YOU are the expert!

  5. Cathy Thompson

    I’ve never heard of them before – would love to know the difference as well! They are lovely. Thanks!

  6. Pat

    Tinky – Michaelmas daisies are the British name for Aster novi-belgii – so called because they bloom in the fall and the Feast of St. Michael is Sept. 29. Sheffield daisies are actually a chrysanthemum. One does notice how the name daisy gets attached to many flowers.
    Cathy – Asters, chrysanthemums – but all with daisy-like flowers.

  7. Tinky

    I knew you would know the difference! I’d love to see them both side by side one day. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the Sheffields even if I call them the wrong thing.

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