First of the Month Record – November 1, 2013

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View from the bedroom window

The first of the month record is late – as usual – but things have been so busy here at the end of the road, with Halloween parties and the beginning of Christmas baking. Fruitcakes!  For the record, the first of the month felt like a tropical monsoon, with temperatures in the 70s, wind and lashing rain. The rain began during the night and  by the time the wind died down and the rain stopped at noon, we had two inches of rain, and had a sunny warm afternoon to enjoy.  You can see that my husband was able to get part of the field to the south mowed, but he fears our old tractor may have chugged its last.

The wind took down the last of the autumn leaves and this morning we are back to New England temperatures – 32 degrees at 7 am EST.


Even though I have picked several tiny bouquets, and we have had several frosts, these mums are still blooming. I am amazed.

Sheffied daisies and parsley

The Sheffies and parsley also remain untouched by the  weather. The sheffies began blooming so late in the season I feared they would not last long. I was wrong.

Holly with berries

Still, as I prepare to say good bye to the last vestiges of summer, my brilliant berried holly promises the joys of the winter holiday season. Last year there were hardly any berries at all so I am thrilled.

Not all the fall chores are completed, but I have hopes to do a little more before it is too cold. That is usually my position at this time of the year.

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  1. PlantPostings

    Similar plant progress here, too. We’ve had several frosts, but some of the plants live on. Weird! I don’t cover plants this time of year–it’s just delaying the inevitable. Today was a beautiful day, though, bright blue sky and colorful autumn leaves lit by angled light. Your Mums and Daisies still look great!

  2. Pat

    PlantPostings – I agree. I don’t cover any plants either. More frost last night, but beautiful cold sun today. Maybe it’ll warm up some.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow

    Your garden looks great for November. Leaves are still falling here.

  4. Your garden is looking well in November. Our Chrysanthemums are pretty well finished here on Long Island. I love your bright holly berries-so much wonderful color!

  5. Pat

    Lisa – Looks better the more cleaning up I do.
    Lee – I love those holly berries – enough to bring in the house.

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