Seeds and Seed Cases on Wordless Wednesday

  • Post published:11/06/2013
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Seeds and seed cases make something new to see in the garden. Coriander is the little round seeds left on the cilantro plants. That means cilantro/coriander is both an herb and a spice.

Cotoneaster berries

Cotoneaster (Co-tone – e – aster) berries are brighter than coriander.

Rose Hips

These rose hips are not the kind for rose hip jelly.

Columbine seed case

The tiny black seeds inside the petit columbine seed case will scatter themselves. More plants in the spring.


Milkweed seeds – three stages

This milkweed stem shows the seed pods three stages – closed, open with the seeds still tightly packed, and finally with with the seeds preparing to sail on their fluffy tails. In my efforts to welcome back monarch butterflies. I rarely weed out milkweed any more.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I too have been noticing the seeds and berries around the garden. The one most intrigueing to me are the seeds on the toad lilies. I had never noticed them before.

  2. Sally

    Isn’t Autumn such a fun time of year! Our plants have been working endlessly toward multiplying their species and now they’re ready to spread their seed far and wide…..I love the your Milkweed seed pic. They’ve always been a fall favorite.

  3. Pat

    Lisa – I don’t think I know about toad lilies.
    Colleen – I never thought about the fact that cilantro/coriander is an herb and spice. Fascinating.
    Sally – My friend Kathryn Galbraith wrote a wonderful children’s book Planting the Wild Garden, all about seed dispersal. Wish I had thought of it. Any young children on your gift list?

  4. Rose

    Lovely images, Pat! This is one reason I like to leave most of the garden standing through the winter–such interesting finds.

  5. Layanee

    Well, I love all of these seeds and berries but the milkweed is just so symmetrical and I know it is soft to the touch. I loved playing with that as a child. Wait, I can still play with some can’t I?

  6. Sally

    I’m sad to say my grandchildren are teens….missing the little ones!

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