Three Reds for Thursday

  • Post published:10/28/2010
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I planted this redvein Enkianthus because the description promised pendulous clusters of bell shaped yellowish flowers. I imagined a graceful plant with graceful flowers, but this is what mine looks like at this time of year. It is so upright – as it was described – that it is almost corseted, it is so rigid looking. I am disappointed in the shape of the shrub which can reach up to 12 feet, but it is growing slowly.  The red color certainly is handsome!

Sourwood tree

This sourwood (Oxydendron) is younger than the Enkianthus and it is growing very very slowly. I don’t know why. I even watered it during the drought.  One of the reasons I chose it is because it is a small native tree, and does have this beautiful autumnal red color.

High Bush Blueberry

Highbush blueberries have the same red foliage as the invasive Burning Bush. With luck one might even get blueberries. This year, for the first time, birds were not the problem, but the chipmunks. I never saw them, but the berries disappeared almost all at once and a neighbor said that was the problem.  I net them to protect the berries from birds, but how can I keep chipmunks out?

That is my Three for Thursday. Thank you Cindy, for hosting at My Corner of Katy.  A visit there will show you many more trios.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    What lovely splashes of red. A great color for this time of year.

  2. Sweetbay

    The color of your Sourwood is outstanding! The ones on our farm turn but always get leaf spot. I agree that blueberries are outstanding for fall — such beautiful color and it can last for so long.

  3. Pat

    Lisa – Sometimes I am surprised how much red there is in our neighborhood.
    Swetbay – I love the sourwood. I just wish it would grow! It has hardly gained any height since I planted it 3 years ago.

  4. Layanee

    My enkianthus is in too much shade for that bright red but I have to say yours is exquisite and the ones at Tower Hill were as bright. I needed sunglasses to view them. LOL

  5. Carol

    Pat, I too love your Sourwood color… must get one! In order to beat the chipmunks we have to get out and pick quicker! ;>))

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