H is for Hemerocallis

  • Post published:04/09/2016
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Hemerocallis "Ann Varner"
Hemerocallis “Ann Varner” on the Daylily Bank

H is for Hemerocallis – otherwise known as daylily.  This is my day for  resting my typing fingers and showing you some pretty pictures.  Ann Varner was one of many hemerocallis growing on The Daylily Bank. I have moved from this garden, but I did take a few divisions with me to Greenfield.

Pink Daylily
Pink Daylily
Henerocallis 'Pink Fancy"
Hemerocallis “Pink Fancy”
Hemerocallis "Crimson Pirate.
Hemerocallis “Crimson Pirate”
Hemerocallis "Ann Varner"
Hemerocallis “Ann Varner”
  1. "Hemerocallis 'Lemon Madeleine'
    Hemerocallis Lemon Madeleine’


  2. Hemerocallis
    Herocallis “Fiery Gold”


    Hemerocallis "Barbara Mitchell"
    Hemerocallis “Barbara Mitchell

    And that’s it for today’s A to Z Challenge.  Hemerocallis which mean beautiful for a day – and very little work for the gardener.

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  1. Nan

    My favorites!

  2. Denise Hammond

    My absolute favorite. Favorite of deer and rabbits too as they are chewing up the growth popping through the earth.

  3. aandj8804

    Daylilies are some of my favorite! Your flowers are so pretty! 🙂

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