Fall Cleaning on the Daylily Bank

  • Post published:11/10/2014
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Daylily Bank in August
Daylily Bank in August

The Daylily Bank is beautiful in August. It is also  the best idea we ever had for this steep bank right in front of the house. I started planting it from the top down and it took about three years to cover the whole bank. And there is still room for these clumps to continue to increase. For the most part I have chosen gentle colors of pale yellow, peach and pink, but some red crept in I don’t seem to be able to stop myself.

. In November the Daylily Bank  doesn’t look anything like this.

Daylily Bank in November
Daylily Bank in November

The fall weather has alternated between cold and very warm so I have been out today continuing to put the Daylily Bank to bed. I work both from the bottom up, and from top down. I  cut back the dead stems and foliage and then do some rough weeding with my Korean hand hoe. There are a few plants in the middle that I have not yet reached.

The Daylily Bank is about as low maintenance as you can get. They grow so vigorously that it is hard for weeds to take hold – but not impossible. I think fall weeding is easier than spring weeding. Somehow weeds don’t have the same tenacity that they do in the spring.  A couple of more nice days are predicted. I might get this job finished this year.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    This looks like the perfect way to treat a steep bank. It is gorgeous all lit up with blooms.

  2. casa mariposa

    What a beautiful area! I have lots of daylilies, too. I love how easy they are. Do you mulch the bed?

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