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Therese Bugnet - June 1, 2012

Therese Bugnet is the Rose of the Day. And this line rhymes. Therese Boo-nay is the Rose of the Day. Even though I do have three whole years of high school French, it took me many years to realize it was not Therese Bug-Net. Oh well. Miss Rochelle is no longer here to be scandalized.

Therese Bugnet is a rugosa and it is the rugosas that are not only the hardiest roses in my garden, they are about the first to bloom. I love Therese’s doubleness, her sweet fragrance and her energetic growth on the Rose Bank.

Ambridge Rose

My roses are just starting to bloom but the Bridge of Flowers rose season is in full flow. I cannot tell you the names of most of them, but this is David Austin’s Ambridge Rose. Here is what other roses are in bloom.

Yellow roses on the Bridge of Flowers
More pink roses on the Bridge of Flowers
Red roses on the Bridge of Flowers

Any rose garden must have red roses. I love red roses like these.  And if there are roses in the garden, there must be peonies. Like these.

Pink peonies on the Bridge of Flowers

Just a reminder. The Bridge of Flowers is open all day, every day until October 30. Come and enjoy.

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  1. Kate in Vermont

    My TB is not yet blooming here, but my Hansa is, and is gorgeous. We’ve been busy here putting in another 20 or so roses, most bought as bands last summer and bedded in the vegetable garden for the winter.

    I love seeing the photos of your roses, as well as your wisteria! The wisteria just never gets to blooming up here (we are still 4B on the latest incarnation of the map), though as the winters warm, perhaps it will be worth a try again.

  2. Pat

    Kate – You are pretty cold, but I don’t know that temperature necessarily affects wisteria bloom. It might just be age – and as you may know, some wisteria just never ever bloom. One of those mysteries.

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