A Serious Frost

  • Post published:10/20/2010
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Thick frost on the ground this morning at 7:30.  And yet,

The cosmos still blooms exuberantly,

but the morning glory may have seen its last morning.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    That is some serious frost. Cosmos just don’t let a little frost bother them. They insist upon a series of setbacks before giving up.

  2. Carol

    Wow, Pat, I have not seen frost like yours yet. Scattered at least so your Cosmos did not mind… Beautiful photo!! My Morning Glories are finished too. As the moon nears full on Saturday I guess our temps will plummet. ;>)

  3. Pat

    Lisa – It was a serious frost, but the cosmos are protected by the house. That new Front Garden may be one of my best ideas.
    Carol – I am awaiting that full moon with trepidation. Henry pointed out Jupiter very close to the moon last night.

  4. Sophia Callmer

    Fantastic the cosmos still are ok, here we have had several hard frostnights, so no more cosmos unfortunately.

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