Frost Damage Discovered

  • Post published:05/18/2010
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When we were at Betsy’s house yesterday we looked at some shrubs that we all thought were dead. The leaves were twisted, curled and brown. We were having trouble identifying what the shrubs were until we found one that had a few undamaged leaves. Oh yes, Betsy said. Magnolias.  Well, the shrubs aren’t dead, they were hit with frost, and with luck they will recover. At our house we realized that the kiwi on the shed was also frosted. The vines closest to the shed wall are OK, as are the vines farthest away from the corner of the building where the wind is the least fierce.  The kiwi has never been damaged by frost before.  Like Betsy’s magnolias it will recover. I was going to try and give it a good pruning anyway.  The hard frost last week didn’t bother most of our plants; and inexplicably hurt a plant we never considered particularly tender.  Sometimes Mother Nature seems unpredictable

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    You are so lucky to be able to garden with your daughter. I too have that joy every now and then.

  2. Kate

    Seems Mother Nature is very unpredictable, everywhere, this year. I hope the magnolias make a happy comeback. That is such a lovely ornamental. I am sometimes surprised to see new leaves on things I’m certain sure have kicked the bucket.

  3. Carol

    We had swaths of frost here too… it seems there is a zone in my garden that seems to get hit the hardest. Hydrangeas that grow in the path were hurt as my Magnolia … well the blossoms not the buds or leaves. I saw my first fireflies yesterday night! Frost and fireflies so close together … how odd! I hope all your plants recover quickly.

  4. Pat

    Lisa – it is a joy to work with the girls, especially since they believe I am a real expert.
    Kate – I think they will be OK. I believe in procrastination. Many times I have given up on a plant but not had time to do anything – and then it leafs out again.
    Carol – frost and fireflies! That is bizarre. what is going on?

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