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Ice Damage Continues

Coming home from working at Heath’s Emergency Shelter yesterday, I had to come the long way home because of power trucks still working on our road. I had to pass this spot on Rowe Road where the landowners had cleared a large field providing a magnificent view west to Mount Greylock. No matter the season or hour, the view of field, mountain and sky is always breathtaking.

This major limb on our ancient apple tree didn’t come down immediately during the ice storm, but it finally tumbled, waiting for my inspection when I finally made it home. I’ll have to take a picture in the light; the damage from a storm two years ago will also be very clear. We placed our Cottage Ornee in the shelter of this apple, but the shelter is becoming less and less. It still gives a good crop of apples, though.
For more fabulous photos of the sky go to Skywatch Friday.

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