Skywatch and Thanksgiving

  • Post published:11/28/2008
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Yesterday we went to middle daughter’s house for the family feast. Lots of family was there and nine year old Amanda took charge of the camera and she kept clicking away all day. The day is well documented: the basketball games on the driveway, dodgeball (?) on the lawn, chatting on the deck, cooking in the kitchen, eating in the dining room, football on the living room TV and Bibi, the French bulldog everywhere.

The day was mild which allowed for those outdoor activities, and the sky was a blissful blue. Amanda was fascinated by the sky and, among other views, captured these geese flying south.

But all festivities must end. We drove home in the dark to a cold house and dived into our cold bed.

This morning, on Skywatch Friday, the sky was gray, perfectly suited to the pleasures of post-holiday quiet. This is the view my husband enjoys and treasures everyday from his special chair. The arbor was specifically made tall to encompass as much sky view as possible, above the fields and tree line.

For the photo I sat on Henry’s chair and lined up the slider panels with the wisteria growing up the arbor support, as requested by a reader. Lots more sky views at Skywatch Friday.

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  1. Robin

    Beautiful shots. I especially like the one with the geese.

  2. chrome3d

    My mind wanders far away with those birds. What a wonderful view!

  3. Powell River Books

    A great capture of the geese flying south. I always want to do that, but just don’t seem to have the camera handy when they are going overhead. I invite you to come see my Coastal BC sunrise and sunset. — Margy

  4. ChrisC and JonJ

    Amanda is a good photographer.I like her picture of the sky and the geese.

  5. Pat Leuchtman

    Thank you all for visiting. I don’t know that Amanda was taking great aim when she captured those geese. She was just pointing the camera and clicking. Its great to get lucky, especially when you are young. Maybe anytime, any age, actually.

  6. PJ

    Lovely SWF images. The view from the chair is wonderful. We went camping over Thanksgiving so I’m late making the rounds. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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