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On Little Cat Feet

My friend's pussywillows

Spring is creeping in slowly on little cat feet. When I drove past my friend Paul’s house I saw the fat pussies on his willow by the side of the road. I dashed home to see if my pussywillow was blooming.  Both of us have bushes growing in a wet spot, and both produce fat soft  pussies.

My pussywillow

Alas, my bush is just beginning to bloom. Why the difference?  Micro-climate?  Very different variety?

4 comments to On Little Cat Feet

  • It’s so interesting how, driving around town, other people’s plants can be so far ahead of mine – I’ll have a snow squall going on here, and down the hill in town it’s raining! We have our own zone up here, I think.

  • Pat

    Cyndy – Micro climates are a great mystery. Once we were staying in a friends house and woke up to the end of a blizzard. When it stopped we had more than 6 inches of snow, but when we went down to the bottom of the driveway the sun was shining and the road was wet, but no snow.

  • Lisa at Greenbow

    Our pussy toes are also emerging. I can hardly keep my fingers off of them.

  • Every year I wish that I had them! Some day……. meanwhile, I enjoyed looking at yours.

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