Frost and Construction

  • Post published:10/11/2010
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I was bragging about not having had any frost yet, but when I went out this morning there was frost on the north side of the house. However, just the merest frosty kiss on the  south side. Only half the basil hit the dust. I am happy for the cool nights and days which make working outside such a joy.

The holiday weekend promised to be beautiful and my son Chris, and son-in-law Gerry, came to help my husband build a garden shed that will keep all the mowers, wheelbarrows, pots and tools under convenient cover. The design was a simple lean-to on the north side of the tractor shed. For once I remembered to take a before shot, although even here, Henry has already cleaned out the area. The stuff against the tractor shed will be hauled off to the dump on demolition debris day – next Saturday.

By the time the crew broke for a late lunch, the framing was done. The shed will be about 16 feet long and 8 feet wide.

By suppertime the roof was framed and the siding was done. This was taken while I had a quiet moment in the kitchen. I was busy roasting a chicken at this point.

By Sunday’s late lunch the shed was roofed and tar papered! Hooray!

A window had not been a part of the original plan, but once the idea was in play, and an old window found, I was promised a potting shelf  to take advantage of that corner and the light.  After Chris and Gerry left Henry and I rounded up all the tools and hung them on the wall.  Obviously, the shed isn’t sided yet, and the door has yet to be designed. Still I am just thrilled because  the shed is already functional and I am grateful to those three great men who have built me my great shed.

Peony Border

While I did spend some time in the kitchen, I also spent a lot of time in the garden, dividing some achilleas, cutting back some of the perennials, and digging chicken manure into the vegetable beds, but my big job for the weekend was cutting back the peonies, weeding the 50 foot long bed and cutting bcak the peonies.

I always enjoy putting the peony bed to bed, because it is so satisfying to see all the work that you are doing.

Of course, when the job is done, and the bed has been topdressed with a little compost, it doesn’t look like much, and all the evidence of one’s labors are wheelbarrowed away.  Still I am glad to know that I’ll have a bit of a head start in the spring.

Sheds and gardens didn’t fill the entire weekend. The Friends of the Heath Library had their annual Columbus Day bake sale. Spending the morning on the sunny steps of Sawyer Hall gave me, and the other Friends, lots of time to visit and gossip and find out what is going on in the far corners of the town. I am proud that the Heath Library is so well used, and that I can do a small part in helping maintain its collection and services.

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  1. Andrea

    Hello, this is my first visit to this new site, so i will update your link. It seems easy to make a new beautiful shed, and the garden seems to be going on smoothly and beautiful too. The color just looked so pixelized here, maybe my connection at fault. But i will follow next time. thanks.

  2. Carol

    Lucky you Pat!! Great to have all those sons and Henry!! I would be tickled pink to have a building go up that fast. Look forward to seeing the door design. I am envious about your peony bed . . . but inspired . . . a job I have yet to do. ;>)

  3. Lisa at Greenbow

    What a great project. You are a lucky to have such good carpenters in the family. You will feel all neat and tidy after they are finished. Your peony bed looks great.

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