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Fall Has Fell – Beautifully

The rain fell. The sun is shining. The trees are glowing. The leaf peepers will be happy this weekend!

5 comments to Fall Has Fell – Beautifully

  • What a gorgeous tree! I’ve noticed a few trees around town turning colors, but most of the trees, including mine, are late this year.

  • Beautiful Pat! What a glorious weekend it will be for all the many visitors to our area. I will miss the Ashfield Festival due to work. Just had a lovely drive to fetch rosemary plants in Shelburn Falls… indeed the leaves are lovely even if many have already fallen. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  • Pat

    Rose – I think our trees were early. Such a confusing year.
    Carol – Perfect weather for carpentry at our house. I hope you enjoy the weather and the reason for work.

  • Oh, wow, Pat! What a beautiful sight!

  • Pat

    Cindy – When the sun is out the roadsides are just glorious.

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