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If only I could keep them down on the farm things would be in great shape! Everyone came home for a big weekend; the main project was prepping and painting the north wall of the house.  Gerry was on deck bright and early Friday, but it poured – so Gerry mudded several needy walls in the house. On Saturday the paint crew was on duty.

Ryan can wield a mean paint brush.

Ryan, Henry, Chris and Diane were ready to quit and pose and join the dinner crowd.

Gerry just kept going until the job was done!

While Gerry came specifically to prep and paint, others had additional ideas. Anthony, Drew, Kate and Greg (left to right in red helmets) went zipping through the canopy at Zoar Outdoor on Wednesday.

Everyone (except Gerry and me) went on the rafting trip through Zoar Gap on Friday.

Our group filled three rafts. The rain came down in buckets all day long. The river was running fast. They were in heaven. What thrills! What excitement!  Thank you Zoar!

And they all came through in one piece.  WOW!

They were tired and really cold when they got home.  A fire in the woodstove was the first order of business.

And then the eating began. This is actually the second seating. Everyone brought something to share, Henry barbecued and I made the Birthday Cake to celebrate one July and three August birthdays: Tricia, Yev, me and Rory. We are all older and better.

A remarkable weekend requires a commemorative family portrait. The ‘children’ are in age order, right to left, Philip, Chris, Diane, Betsy and Kate.

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  1. Nan

    Oh, what a wonderful time! A beautiful family.

  2. admin

    Nan – We certainly are lucky. You need congratulations too, on the release of your new book!

  3. janet lawn

    looks like a wonderful time!

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