Weekend of Plants and Memorials

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The Ladue Family on the Bridge of Flowers

This Mother’s Day weekend was filled with flowers, and memorials. The Ladue family, Kimberly, Troy and Lisa, visited the Bridge of Flowers and presented the Bridge committee with a donation that will help keep the Bridge in bloom. Their mother, Margaret Oliver Ladue was a flower lover and (among other things) worked in the gardens of an assisted living home. Through their family foundation, her children are able to support their mother’s interests in education with an annual scholarship and by supporting other organizations that reflect their mother’s interests. For more about the work of the foundation you can click here.

Edie Gerry, Buckland Library Trustee

I was also happy to attend the planting of an American Elm tree at the Buckland Public Library in memory of John Powell, a Buckland native whose final work for the town was the help he gave the Library with its new addition to make it energy efficient. I treasure my memories of John when he visited the library and we tried to figure out which books of his favorite authors he had not read, and his memories of the town in earlier days. Just this past week the Library received notice that it was awarded Silver Leed Certification.

Caitlin, Diane and Tricia

My Mother’s Day was filled with so much lively family that there was hardly time to take photographs. My gift was hours of labor in the gardens. Mowing, digging, planting, fence building – and the opening of the Cottage Ornee. I did one picture of daughter Diane with her two daughters as they prepared to leave, with potted plants for their gardens. For all of them including, daughter Betsy,  and grandsons Rory, Tynan, and Ryan (teenagers getting ready to drive!),not to mention the ones who could not be here, Philip, Chris, Kate, Greg, Anthony and Drew, I am truly grateful.

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  1. Rosie@leavesnbloom

    That’s the best type of Mother’s Day present anyone could receive! and as they say it’s better to give than to receive and I’m sure you enjoyed sharing those plants with your family.

  2. Pat

    Rosie – I’ve always found gardeners to be very generous – sharing plants everywhere. To bnefit Plant Sales, too.

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