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Yesterday we went to Tyngsboro to celebrate the Fourth of July with friends, but most especially to celebrate our daughter’s 50th birthday with her family. This is our third child to celebrate a 50th, the last two girls are not far behind. The birthday cake provided by Diane’s best friend showed a hill with Diane on the downside. Diane laughed and asked me if I remembered the cake she had made for me on my 30th birthday? It was decorated with a very similar hill.

The party was held in a beautiful garden with a variety of trees and shrubs, handsome stonework (a LOT of stone in that part of the world) and a swimming pool that kept the covey of kids happy and busy. A joyful day on a national scale and a domestic scale.

We brought daughter Betsy’s son Tynan home with us for a week of country doings. Tynan at 13 is now as tall as I am and is sounding very manly. It’s a little disorienting. He is ready to work mowing lawns and splitting wood. I am allowed to do a little weeding now that we have established I do not have a fractured femur, only a muscle pull. The garden needs work, but you can see from the photo above that the golden welcome at our front door (which no one actually uses) is bright and cheery.

The yellow loosetrife (not an invasive variety) was here when we moved in. I added the ‘Terra Cotta’ achillea last year, and this spring, after the Bridge of Flowers plant sale, I added a creamy daylily which is not yet in bloom. I may have to replant it to give it a little more room because this bed, created by the lasagna method, is apparently very fertile. The loosestrife and achillea are both extremely vigorous.

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  1. Jean

    A creamy daylily? I look forward to seeing that. Sounds like you have a wonderful family Pat. I envy having a young person around to do some of my gardening chores. 🙂

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    The yellow loosestrife isn’t a plant I am familiar with. It sure is pretty standing guard by the door. I know you will have a wonderful week with your Grandson. He will be so much help. I am glad nothing is broken. Take care.

  3. Pat

    Jean – Well, it’s supposed to be creamy. We’ll see. Nice to have a lawn boy for a few days!
    Lisa – the loosestrife is wonderful – and so is the Grandson.

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