Another Lawn-less Garden

  • Post published:05/17/2011
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Yesterday I attended a reunion of the book club I helped found in 1965. The book club continues, and the book under discussion was Per Petterson’s I Curse the River of Time.  I very much enjoy Petterson’s books, and indeed many of the chilly books of the Scandinavian writers, but it is ironic that this book of lonliness and the failure of emotional ties was the topic among a group of women friends meeting over tea and cake while rain fell on the verdant garden outside the windows.

The club membership has shifted over the years, but all of us could look back over the river of time we each have swum and been generally happy – while admitting that there may have been dangerous rapids from time to time.  We are all women of  “a certain age’, no one gets to this point without having experienced sorrows, but we are all fortunate to have many joys.

The Gazebo

I enjoyed the view of this charming gazebo from the window, but just before we left I got a tour of Audrey’s dripping garden and got to peek into the windows where other meetings of the book club have met.

The brook next to the gazebo was racing and tumbling over the stones.

Next to the screened gazebo was a little seating area. I loved the little side table made of pots and a board.

Audrey said she has seats all over the garden because she can’t work for very long without needing a respite.

I looked at all those seats and saw the reminder that we all should sit and enjoy the garden from time to time –  without a weeder clutched in our hand.

Every garden should have a touch of humor.

Did you miss a lawn?  I didn’t.

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  1. Larry

    I am tremendously impressed with this garden… you just can’t beat maturity… both in people and in gardens… there is a certain special ambience about both! What a wonderful place to visit… thank you for sharing! Larry

  2. Lucinda

    Lovely garden and very nice photos! A calming read.

  3. Rose

    What a beautiful place! As another woman “of a certain age”, I can appreciate all those seats, too:) But most of all, they look like the perfect spots to simply take it all in.

  4. Jean

    Nope, didn’t miss the lawn a bit! Very impressive that you all have continued to meet for so long. That is really cool. Love the frog in a yoga pose. 🙂

  5. Pat

    Larry – I celebrate maturity! Especially when it is as beautiful as this garden, and this group of women.
    Lucinda – The garden is calm. I wish you could have listened to that brook.
    Rose – There is something lovely to take in from every seat.
    Jean – I belong to a different book club 100+ miles away, but we are all interested in friendship and keeping our minds open and learning.

  6. Kate

    What a lovely garden! I love the nestled seating.

  7. Ian Hall

    Gorgeous garden! Only the title seems to be a bit understated! I don’t think lawnless when I look at this delight!

  8. Pat

    Ian – Delight is the only word!

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