Rain Drenched Pink

  • Post published:05/20/2010
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Guan Yin Mian tree peony

This  is the day I wait for every year – the first tree peony blossoms. I bought this one because of the name which translates as Guan Yin’s face. Guan Yin is the goddess of compassion and I am sure her face is as beautiful as this blossom. Tree peony flowers look fragile, but the plants are extremely hardy.

I vaguely remember buying a bag of pink tulip bulbs last fall, and then sticking them in any old where – and promptly forgot about them.  They were a wonderful surprise when they came up this spring. Maybe if I look through my Journal I’ll be able to find their name.  All the plants loved the inch of rain we had all day yesterday.

Beauty of Moscow lilac

The fat pink buds of Beauty of Moscow have very slowly been opening because the weather has been so cool, but I think today’s promised heat will bring an explosion of bloom.

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